shoe's birfday bowl..

shoe had a food-centric birthday the other week. usually shoe likes to do some-ting a little different from the drag, an this year the hi-lite was the food. first a KUA`AINA burger in the kamakura in tha afternoon, an then a noice local bowl here . round it off wit a bee-ah an a hammock onna balcony and you gots the makings of a not bad day. woof.

Drink A Six Pack And Then You Play Some Ball

Shoe has a bball thingy goin on these days, the ex-er-cise n all that, innit. anyhoo, shoe caught up wit that tonari-no-shibafu fella for some hoops n whatnot recently.

Q. so, you gots a pretty intense sporting activity aheads of you, an you wanta be kinda light and twinkley-toed onna court. You are kinda hungry an you wanta grab some foodstuff before THE BIG GAME. do you:

a.) sit down to a light high-carb meal
b.) dig down on a big plate o' fruit
c.) suck down a big greasy bowl o ramen, wit the egg

shoe went for c.) Now the temomi here, in the chitosefunabashi can be a bit of an imposing bowl under these conditions, but shoe was locked into it, this is the ramen afterall. the standard came, but wit a whole whack o onion, raw! to boot onna top. Shoe did a sneaky onion shuffle an wiped them under the table. we gots yer basic shoyuu here folks, nothin' more to see.

shoe was a praying mantis on the court, iffn you wanted ta know..

three giant lead balls for the temomi.

Shoe's Been Going Nuts Gettin' All Cooped Up..

So Shoe is back from parts unknown, wanderin this way an that, not really going anywhere, but right oot of it, eh..

AAannyhoo, a big ole bowl show sucked down a loong time ago here in tha winter has made a return to the page. lookit the makotoya, this time the red, cos the shoe likes his vari-a-tion.

iffn you get the kaedama at makotoya, youse can watch the guy bouncin' the noodles on his seive befo' he gives it to ya.

by all accounts the makotoya is a good bowl, pays the bills, keeps it's nose clean, an doesn't let ya down. the red was ay-yight, but iffn its a gonna be yer first time, shoe would suggest going for the box-standard ramen first, just to ease yerself inta things..

three ooglymen redbeards for the makotoya red

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